Which type of soil are you?

How well is the seed of God growing in you, Charles asked last Sunday. Are you providing a good environment in which it can flourish?

Jesus explains the importance of us being good soil in which the Truth can root and grow in the parable of the 4 soils in Matthew 13.

The question is, are you at risk of being a hard-packed impervious soil, a rocky dry one, or a weedy one—not all the time, but sometimes?

Hard-packed soil is a heart that does not let the Truth penetrate. The tender young seedling that is our spiritual life, and our eternal future, is unable to take hold, to put down its roots, to become established. These are times when we treat the Truth superficially — and what appeared to be there is taken away. We are too hard-hearted, too intransigent to accept the full love of God, even when we feel it extending towards us.

At other times we hear God’s word with great joy and want it to root. But like a rocky soil aspects of our lives block the roots. Our responses can be full of energy initially, but those well laid plans, ambitions and determination fade by 8om on a Sunday evening. Outwardly enthusiastic about Jesus, we lack the internal fortitude to achieve what we seek to do.

Sometimes we hear the message, but struggle to receive it with joy. Life has too many other troubles and commitments for us to take it to heart. Like weeds, worldly matters, devotion to wealth, leisure and pleasure, choke out the message of the kingdom. We would have to give up too much to make a fuller commitment to Christ. Our fruitfulness suffers. We remain in the thicket of this life’s problems.

But, praise God, we also have times when our faith is strong and we receive God’s truths, let them take root, and grow and impact on our lives, so we produce fruitful results, fruit which may be preaching, service, kindness, prayer, praise or practical support.

Ok, the quantities and timing may vary widely. But if we provide good ground in which the Truth can grow, we know God can make the spiritual seedling inside us grow and yield lovely fruits. So, are you really good ground in which the Truth can grow?