GOD’S plan is all about recycling broken, messed up people and making them into new creations through Jesus, Rob C exhorted us recently.
We are a part of that plan, which moved into effect when Jesus rose from the dead. The Kingdom is now among us, because the thoughts of it, the message of it, has been put out into all the world.

And we are ambassadors for this wonderful process. The principles have been initiated. Jesus has risen. We can be baptised. And we can secure repeated forgiveness through the love God has lavished upon us, represented to us by the bread and wine.

So, how can we live for Jesus, when we are so pernicious and self-centred?

Simply believing should help, believ-ing that we are new creations, forgiven, each and every day.

So, do we believe, and do we act like we do —showing by our actions that we believe we are an active part of God’s great plan, and that it is our role, our duty and our privilege? Do we extend this message to others?

Paul wrote to the Philippians about our citizenship in heaven, where God is, and that through Christ’s work we are already closer to where God is.
We are ambassadors, part of the plan and part of the challenge too. We do well to reflect on the renewal God offers us, and to think of our role in creation, as stewards, doing something with it for God, to steward what we have been given for Him, seeing it as a token of more to come, as we look forward to the restoration of Eden and better things to come.

God promises a new heaven and a new earth, the ultimate restoration of His Creation, all dedicated to its creator. This “new” in Rev 21 is kaianos “renewed” – not neos “brand new.”

This renewal will take place on earth, all very different from a “pie in the sky when you die” Heaven.

Through baptism we start to go through the process of transformation, which will ultimately end in the Kingdom. We are already a part of God’s new Creation, IF we believe, and accept that through God’s grace we are reconciled to Him through Christ.